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A Guide to 24/7 Manned Guarding Security Services: How to Keep Your Property Safe

You don’t have to be a security expert to guess what manned guarding is: it’s using people, instead of, or as well as, other security measures to keep your property and people safe. But you might not know why manned guarding security services are the best approach to security.

The advantage of manned guarding

Although security technology is becoming more sophisticated and commonplace, it tends to have one common drawback: it’s not human. While systems can incorporate various features to detect intrusion, alert authorities, and collect evidence, they lack the human capacity to react and respond. Often their effectiveness is limited to sounding an alert that limits the activity of a thief, allowing them to make their getaway before they have caused too much costly damage.

Humans, on the other hand, can respond immediately, and even if they are unable to apprehend anyone, can add to the evidence that makes a prosecution more likely. And, beyond security, they can respond and address issues that other technology simply cannot, whether it’s turning off lights or computers, or even spotting non-security related issues before they create a problem.

What types of manned guarding are available?

Just like there are different types of security available, there are different options for manned guarding.

Remote (and on-site) monitoring

You can use 24/7 manned security services to watch your site remotely. This may can be useful if your CCTV system has movable cameras, allowing staff to investigate specific areas or issues. It can also help if you have multiple sites, meaning you can watch over everything from a single control room. However, depending on the location of the control centre, it might mean losing the advantage of having your manned guarding security services on-site.

Regular patrols

A popular option for security is to have routine patrols of your premises. Rather than having round-the-clock manned guarding security services on site, they will make regular visits to your site, and others, to patrol and check. These will be at different times, to avoid a predictable pattern. It can help act as a deterrent, and means that any problems might be spotted quickly, although not immediately.

Using 24/7 manned security services

The gold standard for security is having dedicated staff on-site round the clock. This ensures that there is not only a deterrent to thieves or vandals, but also that there is always an expert security presence looking after your interest.

And manned guarding is about more than just undertaking patrols and watching out for things. They can undertake additional tasks and functions as the use of your premises changes throughout the day, from reception duties to key-holding services, manned guards can become a key part of your team.

What Blue Line Operations Security team offers you

Of course, there is more to manned guarding security services than just employing someone and giving them a patrol. At Blue Line Operations, we only hire the very best to work as our security officers. Many of our staff come from a background in the police and armed forces, so understand security from the very beginning. But they all also hold the relevant Security Industry Authority qualifications and accreditations. And they all receive regular training and development, so they are fully up to date on security best practice.

If you are serious about keeping your premises, staff, and customers safe, using manned guarding security services from us is your best option. If you want to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you, just call or email us today.

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