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Check your home security before you go on holiday

As exciting and well-deserved as a holiday might be, many people feel some anxiety before going away. Leaving a house unattended for one or two weeks can come with fears of something happening to it while away, but a few simple steps can help to address any home security fears.

Of course, each home and family are different. Some people might have security systems in place, while others might have friends and family available to keep an eye on things while they are gone. But there are some things that everyone should do before they go. First, make it look like someone’s in. Second, make it secure. And third, ask for help.

Making it look occupied

The trick of leaving a light on to fool burglars is as old as lighting itself. And while most people know it happens, it creates enough doubt and uncertainty to deter most burglars. But modern technology can go much further.

Use timer switches to create the illusion of the house being lived in. Perhaps even invest in slightly more sophisticated ones that can randomise the times, or respond to noises, to make them even more realistic. You might even use them to create noise, something as simple as turning on a radio can add to the effect.

But also think about the things that highlight you are away. Make sure that you cancel regular deliveries that could build up, or invest in a box for your post, so there isn’t a visible pile on your door mat.

Take simple home security measures

It doesn’t matter whether you are away for two weeks or five minutes, if you don’t have good locks, then your home security is inadequate. 

Make sure you have solid locks on your doors and windows. On doors this usually means at least two locks, including a deadlock, but also consider other measures like a ‘London bar’ which helps reinforce the door. Windows should also have good locks. Most modern frames are secure, but if you have more traditional windows, such as sash frames, ensure you have locks and bolts fitted to ensure they cannot be forced.

And think about the landscaping around your house. Things like high and thick hedging around a front garden may create privacy, but they can also create hiding places and reduce natural surveillance from the street. 

Enlist the help of others

Finally, get others to help with your home security. You don’t necessarily need a house-sitter, just someone who can keep an eye on your property. Friends or neighbours are typically more than willing to help (assuming you are prepared to return the favour) and will pop by from time to time to see if anything is untoward.

And consider using professional security. Our staff include ex-police and armed forces personnel who can include your home in the regular patrols. Not only do they provide a deterrent, but they can also look out for anything that might be untoward, whether that’s noticing the signs of someone taking a look at your property, or even spotting people who are out of place on the street.

Our security professionals have been keeping sites, buildings, and people safe for years. They are all fully Security Industry Authority registered and as dedicated to protecting your property as you are.

Give us a call or email us today to find out how we can ensure you have total peace of mind when you are on your holiday, knowing that professionals are keeping your home safe for your return.

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