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Construction Site Security Services

Securing a construction site, like construction itself, brings unique risks and challenges. But ignoring these can be costly, and even disastrous. Using expert construction site security services can help to not just manage these risks but can play a key role in managing the operation of the site itself. Blue Line Security Services have helped ensure construction sites, big and small, are safe and secure, working in partnership with developers and workers throughout the build process.

The challenges of construction site security

Perhaps the most obvious challenge of a building site is that the building is incomplete. This means that construction sites lack the natural security that most buildings have. There are no doors or windows to lock, indeed, depending on the phase of building, there may not even be any walls! The physical security may be limited to temporary hoardings. But while these might provide a barrier, they can also have the drawback of hiding what’s happening on the site. After-hours intruders will simply be unseen by passers-by.

Sites, especially larger sites, will frequently have multiple entry and exit points. These can be weak points even during hours of operation when people can gain entry. It’s not been unknown on large sites for unrecognised people to go unchallenged as they simply helped themselves to materials or equipment.

And these weaknesses can come at a high cost. Construction sites will often have expensive equipment and materials on site, and these can make tempting targets when security is weak. It’s especially a problem when likely witnesses may be well-used to vehicles, equipment, and materials coming and going from the site, so may not be suspicious even if they see theft in progress.

The costs are not limited to physical losses, either. Crime can cause delays to work, in some cases these may trigger expensive penalty clauses, but even minor delays may mean that contractors must be paid when they are unable to work.

And at the extreme end, poor construction security can result in injury or even death. Damage caused by criminals may leave sites unsafe, or they may even fall foul of a building site danger themselves. Either way, it exposes the construction to delays, costs and a tarnished reputation.

How we can help

Using a professional security company can address all these issues and more. Blue Line Operations have long experience in keeping construction sites, and workers, safe and secure.

Our experts can offer advice and guidance on how to make your site as secure as possible. And once work commences, we can offer a full range of services.

Our security services include providing access control, ensuring that only authorised people are on-site, and you always know exactly who is there. We can also offer key control to further restrict access to areas or equipment. We can provide CCTV-trained staff to monitor your cameras, and on top of this, we offer manned guarding. All our staff are SIA-registered and can offer round-the-clock patrolling of your site, keeping an eye out for anything untoward, as well as acting as a deterrent to opportunistic or planned crime.

Whatever you are building, we can provide a tailored service that meets your needs. Our staff come from a range of private security and uniformed service backgrounds, and we directly employ each one, providing ongoing training and development to ensure they are dedicated to your needs. 

We are confident our officers can provide the highest quality security services available in Cambridge, Haverhill, and the surrounding areas.

If you need security for your construction site, or just want to find out how we can help, then call or email us today for a no-obligation discussion.

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