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Why the cost-of-living crisis means you should think about manned guarding

You might not have thought how the economy might change your need for security services in Cambridge but the link between crime and the economy is well-known. When economic times are tough, crime, especially property crime, goes up. The logic is simple, if people are struggling to make ends meet, some will turn to crime. And while the link has been weakening since the 90s, the cost-of-living crisis, where even working households are feeling the pinch, might mean the connection between the economy and crime becomes stronger again.

Why site protection is important in tough times

Those in law enforcement note that the link is strongest with property crimes like theft. Part of the reason is that the increase in crime is driven by new criminals, those who are turning to it to help make ends meet. They tend to look for opportunities that are relatively easy, low-risk, and that they can consider victimless. With this logic, stealing metal from an empty property presents little risk and does no harm, they may consider the site is abandoned or that insurance would cover the loss.

Of course, the building owner might have a very different view. The stolen property might have been essential equipment. And if nothing else, there will be a high price to pay in inconvenience and increased insurance premiums.

How to protect your property

Of course, there is nothing you can do to solve the cost-of-living crisis, but there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure your property is safe. The best thing you can do is look at using high-quality security services in the Cambridge area. These will not just keep your property safe but can also advise on the things you can do to improve your site protection.

Although manned guarding is the best option, you should always ensure you have adequate physical security. The opportunistic nature of crime, at any time, means that creating barriers and difficulties for the potential criminal can put many off. Even simple measures like high-quality fencing and gates will make a difference, especially to those looking to steal large or heavy equipment.

You can also take steps to increase the risk that criminals face. Many will think of CCTV, which can deter people who think that they will be caught on camera, but even ensuring that your property, or at least the boundary, is always well-lit, helps. That removes dark areas where people can hide, meaning they will be concerned about being seen.

But using static security services helps on all levels. It has a deterrent effect, creates a risk for criminals who will have to be concerned about being caught in the act. And it removes all doubt that the crime is not victimless.

Using manned guarding to protect your people and your property

One of the best features of static security services is their flexibility. They can respond to issues as soon as they arise and adapt their work to ensure that any problems they identify are addressed. A CCTV cannot react to a broken fence that is out of view, for example. But our fully qualified security services in Cambridge and Haverhill can report the damage for repair, providing a permanent solution, and adjust their patrols until then.

Our staff are not just fully qualified, we are fully committed to their development. 

Each one of our guards receives regular development, ensuring they are fully skilled, and they are all paid at or above the living wage. That means they are committed to their roles in offering you the best quality building protection.

If you have a property, whether empty or not, that you are concerned about, call or email us today to find out how our services can keep your assets safe.

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