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Empty premises and static security

Empty sites present a huge risk. Left alone a vacant site will quickly become an invitation for people whose intentions are not positive, especially if you have not invested in security services to protect it. 

Depending on the type of property, leaving it empty can leave you exposed to fly-tipping, vandalism, theft, and squatting. And, frequently, once one problem occurs others will follow, leaving you with an ongoing operational headache. 

Keeping your property safe 

There are many options you can consider when protecting your vacant property. One of the easiest is simply attempting to make it more secure. This can include measures like boarding doors and windows to make entry harder. While any boarding can have some deterrent effect, the most effective are metal and specially designed to prevent removal and destruction. 

You might also look at install portable security devices, like alarms or CCTV. Modern devices no longer need to be physically connected to power or a network. Instead, power-efficient devices can be run off batteries and use the mobile phone data network to allow remote monitoring of your premised. 

Security services in Cambridge can also offer patrols. These will mean including your vacant property on a patrol rota, with guards visiting to check and to provide a visible deterrent. 

Why static security services are best 

The best way to keep your vacant property safe, however, is to use static security services, such as those offered by Blue Line Operations Ltd

While other methods can offer some protection, they cannot be comprehensive. Barricading a building, for example, can make it extremely difficult for anyone to gain entry. But those barricades also serve as an advert of an empty building, making it easy for a fly-tipper with building waste or a vandal looking to make their mark to spot your empty property.

Security devices are generally responsive. CCTV may well get images, but these are often only reviewed after something as happened, in the hope they have caught some evidence. And while patrols have the benefit of regular checks and a potential deterrent, they are sporadic. When most crimes are opportunistic, you are relying on the criminal being put off by seeing a guard, and your building will be without a guard far more than it will have one.

Blue Line Operations’ security services in Cambridge can provide static security to make sure your vacant property is secure around the clock. The opportunistic criminal, whether a thief of a vandal, simply won’t have an opportunity because of the constant presence.

And if anyone did attempt anything, there will be an immediate response. The appearance of Blue Line Operations Ltd guards can be an immediate deterrent, and instead of hoping for a clear CCTV picture or waiting for a patrol, static security means the appropriate emergency response can be summoned without delay.

Although there are lots of options for protecting your vacant property, using static security services remains the gold standard.

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