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High-quality manned guarding for Haverhill

Hiring security services in Haverhill is a big decision. You aren’t just trusting them with your assets, whether it’s site protection for a vacant building, or keeping your shop or offices secure, but also your reputation. Although they might not be your employees, in the eyes of your customers and the public, the security staff will represent you.

So, when you are looking at the options, make sure you think not just about the services they offer, but also the staff they provide.

The best manned guarding in Haverhill

We are confident that we offer the best staff because we invest in them.

We directly employ all our staff, and never use subcontractors. That means that we know our team — and they know us. 

And all our staff are fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority, but we go further.

Every member of our team has regular check-ins with their supervisor and, through them, each has their own personal development plan so they are developing in their career and up-to-date with training and the latest developments in the security industry. 

We also pay all our staff at the living wage or higher. We do all this not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it helps ensure we have the highest quality of manned guarding.

The full range of security services

Our team can cater for all your static security service needs, from events to building protection. We currently provide the security at Haverhill Arts Centre, helping them to provide their excellent programme of events by making sure everyone feels safe and secure.

We can offer manned guarding for almost every purpose. If you run events or operate busy venues, we can help with things like queue management and crowd control, ensuring pinch points at entrances and exits remain safe, preventing contraband entering, and de-escalating any issues that arise.

If you need security for an office or shop, we can provide staff to control entry and keep an eye on things, managing things like occupancy numbers or just offering a deterrent if you are worried about things like theft or damage.

We also provide security services in Haverhill for vacant sites and buildings. 

These can be a tempting target for thieves or vandals. We can offer on-site security staff, who will be able to keep your building or site safe, as well as undertaking regular patrols to identify and alert you to other problems.

Alternatively, we also offer mobile response services. Our patrol will check in on your property regularly, but will also attend immediately if an alarm is triggered, or a concern raised. Both on-site and mobile response security services offer Haverhill a cost-effective way to ensure that vacant units and sites are kept secure, and expensive damage and theft, with all the inconvenience they bring, are avoided.

Quality service, whatever you need

Our commitment to our staff extends to our clients. Whether you need manned guarding for a single event, or ongoing site protection, our static security services are here to help you.

To find out more about the services we can offer, as well as how surprisingly affordable they are, just call or email us today.

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