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How bodycams help keep everyone safe

Bodycams are becoming a more and more common sight on our streets. The police have successfully trialled wearing them on even routine patrols and they are often used by civil enforcement officers as part of their routine duties. They are even worn in some schools to help manage problem behaviour. And now, when you use our security services in Cambridge and Haverhill, you will see our manned guarding officers wearing them.

The main reason they are becoming such a common sight is because of the benefits they bring. Research into the use of cameras has revealed that they don’t just bring benefits for their wearers and the organisations they represent, but that they result in improvements in for everyone.

1. They help by gathering evidence

Perhaps the most important aspect, especially when it comes to security services. It’s that bodycams collect evidence that can be used later if needed. Of course, everyone hopes that evidence won’t be needed in the first place, but when it is, it is invaluable.

Footage from bodycams provides an objective view of what actually happened, that isn’t reliant on memories or the word of people who might be motivated to lie. And because they also record audio, it means that even when something might not be caught on camera, they can still be useful.

2. People feel safer

Research has shown that people feel safer when they see bodycams. Although manned guarding already goes a long way to creating a sense of security in buildings and at events, bodycams add that little extra.

When static security services also have bodycams, it can help create a reassurance that crime or disruption is less likely, and therefore mean that members of the public relax a little bit more.

3. Bodycams reduce crime and problem behaviour

Perhaps a surprising result of research into police use of bodycams was that it helped reduce crime. It would seem that even the presence of a police officer wasn’t enough to deter some criminals!

It is likely that the bodycams evidence gathering was the likely reason behind this. Somebody may rethink their behaviour when they know it is being captured, and it’s possible that others around might reassess their ability to get away with something when they think they are being recorded.

This same principle applies regardless of the wearer. Whether it’s manned guarding at an event, or static security working on building protection, the bodycam makes trouble-causers think twice.

4. It makes security services staff safer

The main reason people hire security services are to keep something safe. However, it’s just as important to keep those security staff safe! If a guard is hurt, they can’t protect anything.

One of the key findings behind the research into police use of the cameras, which included trials in Cambridgeshire, was that there was a dramatic reduction in violence against police.

Bodycams work for everyone

Bodycams have an effect from the moment they are put on. 

And one of their great benefits is that they don’t even have to be used to have a benefit. Even before they are activated, they work in deterring problems and making people — both staff and members of the public — feel safer.

We have started issuing our staff with bodycams as part of our commitment to offer the best site protection and static security services in Cambridgeshire. If you want to find out about how Blue Line Operations’ fully trained staff can help you, then just give us a call or email us to start a discussion.

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