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How security keeps empty buildings safe

Empty buildings are a risk. 

They may be an asset for a person or business, but when they are empty, they are also a prize for those with bad intentions. A building that is unoccupied can be an easy target for anyone looking to break in, steal, or vandalise it. The best way to protect a vacant building is with static security services. But what makes them so much better than other options?

Dealing with unauthorised entry 

The biggest difficulty is preventing people from entering the building. 

There are numerous security measures that can be taken, for example securing the perimeter and entry points. These, however, can be impractical. They might hinder legitimate access, for example if a site is being used for storage. Or it might be too costly for a building that is not going to be unoccupied for long.

They also carry the risk that they are not perfect. They might make access harder, but they won’t make it impossible. And if you don’t have manned guarding on site, you may not know until a lot later.

Dealing with theft 

Theft is a major risk from empty buildings. 

It’s not just equipment that might be stolen, but also building itself! Many thefts are of material for selling on, even as scrap. This can create a problem for many types of security. You can have CCTV that covers areas that have expensive equipment stored. But will it cover those metal pipes that have scrap value? They might simply not have enough value to you, but the risk is that the damage caused could prove prohibitively expensive. Using static security services for your building protection means that you have someone on site who can proactively respond. Unlike CCTV their attention will not be focused on a single spot, and they can respond to all their senses, so if they hear something, they can investigate.

Dealing with vandalism 

Empty buildings are at risk from people who want to cause damage just for the sake of it, from graffiti tags to arson. Things like physical security and CCTV can do little to prevent this. Boarding on a window might be the target for graffiti, for example, and while CCTV might catch the act, if someone has a covered face, it’s unlikely to result in any action. But vandalism carries risk, apart from the cost, it highlights a vulnerable building, making it more likely to be targeted by other criminals.

Manned guarding means that someone is always on site. This acts as a deterrent, even the fastest graffiti vandal can’t take the risk someone might just be around the corner. It also means that any damage can be responded to immediately, using static security services in Cambridge or Haverhill means that someone can be there to make sure any damage is addressed immediately, and isn’t left as an invitation to others.

The best building protection you can get 

We have been providing security services in the Cambridge and Haverhill areas for years, and use trained and dedicated staff who will be committed to keeping your buildings safe and secure. There is nothing that can stop empty buildings being at risk, but manned guarding is the single best way to reduce that risk as much as possible.

Our team will be a partner with you, not just patrolling and guarding a building, but will actively looking for ways to improve the security and troubleshooting issues, so you can feel confident your assets are safe. To find out more, just email us or give us a call, so we can show you how we can give you the site protection you need.

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