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How to have a Merry and Secure Christmas

Although the message of Christmas is about peace and goodwill to all, unfortunately not everyone listens. And that means Christmas is a time when you need to think about security, and perhaps this Christmas more than in the past.

Of course, crimes like theft and vandalism can, and do, happen at any time of year. Christmas, however, presents some particular risks that you might want to consider if you want to truly relax over the festive season.

Why Christmas presents a security risk

Christmas and New Year brings a combination of factors that will increase the need for security awareness.

One of the first is that people behave differently at Christmas, which can change the way you need to think about security. If you run a commercial premise, for example, you might find that it is much quieter than normal. You will probably have more staff on holiday or working from home, and less footfall outside, meaning that there are fewer people who can keep an eye on your premises.

Ironically, some might have exactly the opposite problem. Shops might find themselves busier, but that can make it hard to watch what is happening. Even with extra seasonal staff, they might be busy with customers and unable to keep an eye on people who are taking products out of the store without paying.

And, sadly, for many the temptation for last-minute Christmas shopping, will be even greater this year. Plenty of people will feel the pressure to provide a good Christmas. And in tough economic times, that pressure is even greater. Whether it’s stealing food or gifts, or items to sell to raise funds, it’s likely that crime will increase. And some of that might even be staff, as any retailer will know, thieves don’t always enter and leave via the front door.

Not just a problem at Christmas

Of course, those pressures will not disappear on twelfth night. The trees and decorations might come down, but security problems will remain. Indeed, if people had resorted to crime through desperation before Christmas, it’s likely that will still happen afterwards.

As credit card bills come in, people might still turn to crime to pay off their Christmas or for the expensive January and February fuel bills. And we will still have those dark winter nights that often give cover to theft and burglary.

How we can help

Our security staff are available to help — all year round.

Blue Line’s guards are fully trained and Security Industry Authority accredited, and offer a full range of manned guarding duties. Our services include regular patrols and alarm response visits. We also offer on-site manned guarding, the gold standard of security.

Whether it’s providing security for a site that’s vacant over the festive period, or supplying roving staff to keep a watchful eye and create a deterrent to customers — and staff — who might avoid paying, our professional and courteous staff will become a proud part of your team.

If you are concerned about your security, then just give us a call or email us today. Then you can have a no-obligation chat with our experts about the options we offer and how they can help you. We’ve provided security for dozens of local businesses in almost every situation imaginable, so we are confident we can meet your needs for Christmas and beyond.

Above all, though, we wish you are peaceful, joyous, and secure Christmas and New Year.

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