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How to make sure you have secure premises

Anyone who has property, especially vacant property, knows how important it is to have secure premises. And the risk to empty property has never been greater. There is a long-established link between tough economic times and crime, and for many people the times have never been tougher.

Business premises are particularly at risk. 

Frequently located in areas where there may be fewer people about at night and in the evening, they can present themselves as an opportunity for criminals. 

Those looking for something to sell, materials or equipment stored there, for example, can see it as a victimless crime. Vandals might see an opportunity to do their work away from witnesses. 

And there is a growing trend for empty premises to be occupied by squatters, who will point to the housing and cost-of living crisis as an excuse.

But whatever the risk, it’s always the business owner that ultimately picks up the price.

Ensuring you have secure premises

Obviously, using the security services of a local security company is the best way to keep your premises safe. Nonetheless, there are many other things you can do.

Perhaps the most obvious is to employ the tricks you use at home. Making sure your doors and windows are closed and secure will prevent most opportunistic crime. And the old trick of leaving a light on works here too. While it might seem silly, by creating doubt in the criminal's mind, it makes them think twice: why would they risk getting caught in the act?

You can also use more advanced techniques like installing alarms and CCTV to help secure premises. Again, these act as a deterrent, helping to put off criminals. Those that know any intrusion will immediately raise an alarm, and likely a response from the police or a local security company, with CCTV gathering evidence, will probably look for an easier target.

The problem, of course, is that while deterrent methods can be effective, they are reliant on the good sense of the potential criminal. Given their lifestyle choices, relying on their good sense might not be a good option!

The best option

Using security services is generally regarded as the gold standard when it comes to keeping your vacant property safe. Having someone on-site offers the most powerful deterrent possible. When guards are patrolling, there is no doubt that any attempt to break into premises will result in an immediate response.

And they can help reinforce the other measures that you have taken. For example, including boundary checks in their routine patrols, to ensure the perimeter is secure, or monitoring CCTV, so it is used proactively, rather than just to gather evidence after a crime has been committed.

They can even help you keep your costs down. Using a local security company can demonstrate to your insurance company that you have secure premises, keeping your premium as low as possible.

Above all, using security services is an investment. The costs of theft or damage in both money and time can quickly mount. Worst still, squatters may not even care about your other deterrents and, once inside, can be difficult to remove without taking a lot of time and money.

If you want to find out more about how using a local security company like Blue Line Operations can help you keep your premises safe and secure, then get in touch by calling us or emailing us today.

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