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How to take the pain out of manned guarding  

Every business has to take some steps to protect its assets, whether stock, premises, or people. The sad fact of modern life is that hardly any business is untouched by crime. And while some crime can be written off, like a few small items of stock disappearing, crime can have a devastating impact on a business. Losing stock or equipment because of a burglary or having to repair vandalism, carries not just the costs of replacement or repair, but all the hassle that follows. Whether it’s time dealing with insurers or the work to repair a reputation damaged by the disruption, the best way to handle crime is to prevent it.

The difficulties of static guarding

One of the best solutions is manned guarding. The gold standard of security, investing in static guarding means you have a continuous presence looking out for your interests. However, it’s not just a case of recruiting a few extra staff to handle security.

1. Management is difficult

We won’t pretend, managing security staff is a headache. 

You probably already know some of the difficulties from regular staff. You have to ensure adequate cover at all times. You might have to juggle holidays between people. And when someone calls in sick, you might have to call in favours to make sure that essential tasks are covered.

But with security staff, these problems are much bigger. Because your security will be much smaller than your regular workforce, each of those problems becomes much bigger. There’s less flexibility when it comes to covering people and trying to persuade someone at the last minute to cancel their planned evening to work overnight isn’t easy!

2. Getting the right people is hard

Security is a skilled task.

It’s not just a case of wandering around a dark warehouse and turning lights on and off to keep burglars away. Modern security is a diverse role that needs training and experience. 

Security guards need to be able to handle people, and sometimes conflict, in a calm and professional manner. They regularly work with advanced and complex security systems. And they need to be aware of security risks and issues that most people may never notice.

3. Security is expensive

When you try to manage your own security, it’s expensive.

You might think recruiting a few security guards is relatively cheap — and you should look at security as an investment — but the costs quickly mount.

First, you must hire enough security staff to ensure adequate cover. Then, you must provide the necessary equipment and training so they can work effectively. Then you have to add in the costs of the management overhead. You might quickly find yourself wondering if it’s worth the price you pay.

Manned guarding the easy way

The easy solution is to outsource your security to Blue Line Operations. By using us, you can relax knowing that we are taking care of your security team, ensuring that you have a full complement of security staff whatever the task. And you will know they are top quality staff — many of our team have backgrounds in the police and armed forces — who are all fully registered with the Security Industry Authority and have up-to-date and ongoing training.

And, perhaps most important in these difficult times. We are affordable. As a professional security company, we can use our size to keep your costs as low as possible. So, you will benefit from high-quality manned security services at a great price.

Just call or email us today to find out how easy it is to let Blue Line Operations help with your security needs.

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