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Industrial and Warehouse Security

Managing industrial and warehouse sites brings a unique set of security challenges. From keeping the site safe and secure against external threats, to managing internal security. Blue Line Operationsprofessional security services team can help, taking away the headache of security, so you can concentrate on your business.

The difficulties of industrial and warehouse security

Every business needs to take security seriously. If they don’t, they risk falling victim to costly crime or, even worse, putting their staff and customers at risk. Industrial and warehouse sites, however, have additional difficulties.

Frequently in out-of-town areas, buildings may not get the natural surveillance that deters crime elsewhere. But the contents of those building can prove tempting targets. While most businesses usually only have to contend with opportunist crime, warehouses might well store materials that attract organised crime, especially if they have periods when not in regular use, for example at weekends or overnight.

And the risks may even already be in the warehouse or site. The nature of their operation, with goods and stock regularly being transferred, means that illicit movements may not even attract attention. While most staff members are honest, every business owner knows the problems ‘shrinkage’ when stock disappears through the backdoor.

How Blue Line’s security services and manned guarding improve security

Our professional security team can help you make sure your industrial unit or warehouse is as safe as possible, then work with you to keep it that way.

Blue Line’s experienced and qualified staff can visit you to assess your current security arrangements and suggest improvements, even arranging for the installation of alarm or monitoring systems with our partners if needed.

And our security officers can provide the full range of manned guarding and security services for your premises.

We can manage operational elements, like access control, ensuring that you always know that only people who are meant to be there, whether staff or visitor, are there, ensuring you always know who is onsite and when. Additional services like key control give you total control over your premises and stock, helping to guarantee that access is restricted to need, and there are no lost or missing keys creating opportunities for theft.

Our manned guarding can enhance your security still further. We have fully SIA-licensed staff who can monitor CCTV, keeping a watchful eye on your premises, either from an onsite or remote control room. And we can provide security officers to provide round-the-clock patrolling of your premises, providing both a deterrent and constant vigilance against anything that might be amiss.

Why Blue Line Operations are different

Blue Line Operations has one of the country’s most experienced team of security experts. We directly employ every member of our team — we never use casual labour — and recruit staff from relevant backgrounds, including customer services, private security, and uniformed service.

Every member of the Blue Line team is paid at least the Living Wage, and everyone receives regular training and development. Our commitment to our staff means that they don’t just have the knowledge and experience they need, but the motivation too. Everyone wearing a Blue Line uniform will be as committed to your security as you are.

With experience in every type of security assignment imaginable, from premises security to crowd control at Guinness World Record attempts, Blue Line Operations’ security officers can take care of your security needs, too. Whether it’s routine patrols and monitoring, to round-the-clock on-site manned guarding, just call or email us to find out how we can take care of your security needs.

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