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Is it time to spring-clean your site protection?

Spring is traditionally seen as a time for renewal. And as the daffodils start to peek out of the ground, people will throw open their windows, let in the fresh air, and get on with a spring clean. But while you might spring-clean your home, or even your office, have you thought about including your building protection in your clean?

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you take a feather duster to our static security services (if you do, please ask their permission first). But instead, we would suggest you take the spirit of the season and think about the  security services  you use in Cambridge and Haverhill.

Have your building protection needs changed?

Part of your spring clean, or just changes during the year, might have brought new parts of your building into use, or changed what you do in other areas. This might well affect the way you approach your security. If you are using a new area for storing expensive stock, for example, or a reconfiguration of your building has changed the way people come and go, you will need to address that in your security arrangements.

You should also consider the other changes that have taken place. Many businesses will see changes of staff throughout the year, and especially after New Year, and this might impact your manned guarding needs. Does an expansion need staff to check passes because you can’t rely on everyone knowing everyone else? Or do you need to think about the number of security staff at a new entrance?

Do your staff have to freshen their approach to security too?

Spring can also bring changes in behaviour that you want to consider in your security spring clean. An obvious one is windows. Although we have all been getting used to keeping windows open to improve ventilation, with the warmer weather, we no longer have the chill to remind us to close them.

And other things will change too. You might find more staff arriving by bikes, creating a need to ensure they are safe, or taking the opportunity to leave the building during breaks. Even if your property is empty, you might find that the local area changes with the season, creating new risks you must mitigate.

Using manned guarding for your security spring clean

One of the biggest advantages of static security services is that they can adapt easily. 

In some cases, this might mean changing the size of the team to meet different requirements, but it can also mean adapting how they do their job. 

Spring might mean they perform more checks on boundary security, ensuring that windows and doors are securely closed.

Or it could mean that your Cambridge security services change their patterns, covering different areas of your buildings at different times, reflecting the way that your building use has changed. Using static security services for your building protection is always the best option because nothing else can offer the responsiveness and flexibility of one of our fully qualified security officers.

If you’ve taken a look at your security and think you might need to do things differently or would value some expert eyes to see what might have to change, then get in touch with us, and our friendly team can help you identify and meet all your security needs.

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