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Keep a building safe with manned guarding

Static security services are the gold standard when it comes to keeping property and people safe. By having security staff available to respond immediately to any problems, it ensures that any issues are managed promptly and often prevents problems from happening in the first place.

However, many people do not realise quite how much manned guarding can do for them. Routine patrolling might be at the core of what they do, but they can offer so much more. Our staff offer proactive security services in Cambridge, helping to spot problems before they happen and improve your security, keeping your building, staff, and visitors safe even when they aren’t on duty.

Routine patrolling 

Some people think that security services in Cambridge are just about patrolling. However, Blue Line Operations know that our security staff become part of your team. This means that you can entrust them with tasks that might not seem immediately related to security.

You would, obviously, expect regular patrols. But static security services can undertake tasks while checking your property. You would expect them to check and secure doors and windows. But would you also like them to manage things like switching computers off, or checking that lights and heating are off, or on, to make sure the building doesn’t just look occupied, it’s ready for occupation as soon as staff arrive? 

Deterring problems

One of the main ways that manned guarding can keep a building safe is the deterrent effect it has. Most crime is opportunist, the criminal will see a chance to commit a crime and take it, whether that’s theft or criminal damage. The simple presence of somebody else who might be able to respond quickly will prevent that crime, especially if they know it’s someone who is there specifically to respond. And, for that small proportion of crime that is planned, the presence of security will usually be enough for the criminal to find another target.

Using Blue Line Operations for your site protection gives you the peace of mind that our fully trained security officers will be onsite, looking after your building, and acting as a deterrent to anyone with ill-intent.

Using manned guarding to improve physical security 

Another advantage of using static security services is having a building protection expert on your site. Our guards are trained and experienced, so on their patrols will be alert to any problems that need resolving. 

Unfortunately, sometimes these may be attempts at gaining entry, or the after-effects of vandalism and criminal damage. By spotting and rectifying these promptly, they help prevent recurrences.

However, they will also highlight any other issues. These may be things like weak spots along the boundary, or blind or dark spots in the grounds or yards, that directly affect security. Having our guards provide your building protection is almost like having your own onsite security consultant! 

We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with all our clients. And it comes down to the excellent security staff we provide. We, and they, know that when they are on duty, they represent you: so they are just as committed to your business as you are.

If you want to find out how using our security services in Cambridge can help you keep your sites and staff safe, then call or email us. We can discuss your needs with you and come up with a solution that meets them, keeping your property secure, and giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your building is in safe hands.

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