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Let Blue Line take care of your security headache

Any business will have security needs, but if you are involved in construction, you will feel the pain of security more than most. Building sites are one of the hardest places to protect but carry the risks of expensive equipment being vulnerable or, worse, intruders or vandals creating safety issues that can have devastating consequences. Using Blue Line for your static security can remove that headache, freeing you up to focus on developing your site.

The headache of construction and development

Anyone involved in construction will know the complexity of site management. Ensuring a successful project requires an almost artistic level of choreography, arranging for waste to be removed and supplies to be delivered at the right time, ensuring that the correct equipment is on-site, and the right contractors there to work on it. Each day brings new challenges, and getting it wrong can be costly, resulting in lost hours and money.

But throughout it all, building site security is a problem. Sites are, because of their nature, often open. They will frequently host expensive equipment and materials that make them attractive targets for thieves. And there is constant movement of people on and off the site, and it doesn’t need to be a large site for this to become impossible to adequately monitor.

There is an easy way to get peace of mind, though: use Blue Line Operations security services to keep your site secure.

How we can help

We can help with all your static security needs. Our staff can be a round-the-clock presence, changing their duties to meet your demands. During the busy working day, they can offer security at entrance and exit points, signing workers on and off the site, so you always know who is there. They can also manage key-holding, so you can control access to valuable equipment and materials.

At other times they can offer monitoring and patrols. Whether that’s watching CCTV or physically patrolling a site, they can offer a constant, vigilant presence that deters intruders and ensures immediate response. And because they will look after more than security needs, whether it’s an attempted intruder or a leaking pipe they spot, because they are on-site, you can be sure there will be a rapid and appropriate response.

Our building site security offer

Blue Line Operations has the highest standard of security staff in the area. We actively recruit our staff from uniformed services, so our team includes former police and military personnel. They have all been vetted and checked — each one will have the appropriate Security Industry Authority licence — and we invest heavily in their training and development.

Most importantly, we never use casual labour for our security staff, they are all directly employed. We recruit the best staff because we know that they will be as committed to keeping your site secure as we are.

When you have Blue Line Operations taking care of your security you can rest easy, knowing that whether it’s a mobile phone forgotten on a desk, or thousands of pounds worth of equipment and supplies, they will be exactly where they were left when you return to the site in the morning.

Whether your site is big or small, call or email Blue Line Operations today to find out how we can take care of your security headache, so you can concentrate on what you do best, delivering your construction project.

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