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How using a manned guarding security service can give you a happier holiday

Your anxieties about security never go away. If you have a building or site that is empty, even just overnight, you know that it is vulnerable and at risk. And with the holiday season approaching, that risk gets even bigger. Although Christmas might be the season of goodwill to all men, sadly that isn’t true for everyone. Indeed, in many cases, the security risk might even come from Christmas. 

Why holidays can increase your security risks

Sadly, the holidays affect security for several reasons. One is, quite simply, the time of year. With longer and colder nights, for example, there are increased opportunities for people to break in. The darkness creates more cover, while the colder nights mean there are fewer people about to create a natural deterrent. Added to this is holiday absence. Many businesses may be closed for extended periods, or just quieter — not everyone has a Christmas rush — especially if staff are taking leave or working from home to match school holidays.

And another sad fact is that crime can go up. It’s long been noted that crime tends to increase when economic times are tough, and the social pressures of Christmas are combining with the cost-of-living crisis. 

This especially happens with so-called victimless crimes. Those turning to crime because they are struggling will often target businesses that, they assume, can afford the loss or are covered by insurance. There is also a risk from the party season, as revellers engage in behaviour that they would, ordinarily, avoid. Whether it’s just showing off by scaling walls, trophy hunting, or their even their loss of inhibitions resulting in them exploring where they shouldn’t, the dangers remain the same.

But whatever the motivations, the result for you is the same. Property can be damaged, accidentally or deliberately, and important stock or supplies can be stolen. And even if you do have insurance, you still have to pay the price of the disruption it causes.

How manned guarding can help

There are, of course, plenty of security options. 

From alarm systems that detect motion, to CCTV systems that can record, or even have live monitoring. However, the most effective security comes from manned guarding. At Blue Line Operations, we pride ourselves on the quality of our manned guarding and have seen time and time again why it is the best option for securing your property.

All of our staff are fully trained and accredited with the Security Industry Authority. Indeed, many joined us from the uniformed services, like the police and army. And they are experts in keeping sites, offices, and buildings safe. As well as providing a deterrent — no-one wants to get caught — our staff become a key part of your team. We don’t just look after security when we are on-site, we look after your whole business. From turning off lights, to keeping an eye out for anything that looks untoward, Blue Line staff will always protect your interests.

And, unlike, fixed-place security measure like cameras or alarm sensors, our team can and will respond and adapt. Whether it’s investigating a noise, securing premises, or just making it clear a property is occupied to deter anyone, they offer dynamic and proactive security.

Your  manned guarding   needs change through the year, and that’s why it’s sensible to used manned guarding that can change too. But whether it’s just a bit extra for the winter months, or a long-term contract to make sure your property is safe, call or email us for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you by adding Blue Line’s manned guarding to your team.

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