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Providing security services to Cambridge

When it comes to providing security services in Cambridge, we have the staff, experience, and skills to say confidently that we are the local experts. Our team have provided the full range of manned guarding and static security services throughout the area, so whether it’s keeping a vacant site secure, or managing a big event, we can provide the right staff, at the right price.

Using static security to reassure your staff and visitors

If you want to make sure that your staff, visitors, and customers feel safe, then using our trained staff is an easy way. Our staff can function in various ways. One example might be to work on a reception, helping to control access to an office or building. Alternatively, they can provide crowd control services, helping to manage queues or pinch-points in venues, ensuring everyone moves in a safe and orderly way.

And our staff can work in a variety of venues. Managing access whether it’s a city centre office or an out-of-town development that needs site protection. Whatever the location, they can ensure you feel confident that only the people you want are getting in.

Using manned guarding to secure sites

Of course, sometimes you want peace of mind for locations and buildings that aren’t being used. If you have a vacant site, either temporarily or for a longer period, manned guarding is the best way to ensure that it stays safe. Using our security services means you can have an on-site, round-the-clock presence.

This provides not only a deterrent effect, but means that should anything happen, one of our staff can respond immediately. And don’t forget that there are more than just criminals that can threaten a vacant property, but also damage caused by things like accidental fires or leaks. Our static security services have provided complete protection to hundreds of buildings and sites around Cambridge.

If you don’t need on-site security, then mobile response is an excellent alternative. Our team conduct regular patrols of clients’ sites around Cambridge, checking for anything untoward and ensuring buildings remain secure. And, if any security alarms are triggered, they can respond immediately, ensuring that attention is never far from your building. 

Using manned guarding for events

Whether you need security for a single occasion, or a whole programme of events, our staff can provide the full range of services to ensure that everything is safe and secure.

From helping to manage entry and exit, performing checks to keep everyone safe, and helping to manage and de-escalate any incidents, our trained staff can help.

The best staff, guaranteed

Although you may be using our security services in Cambridge, we know that our staff also represent you and your business. That’s why we invest heavily in them. Whether they are offering static security services, site protection, or helping manage an event, all our staff are fully trained and qualified and fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority. And we never subcontract, all our staff are employed directly.

All our employees receive regular management check-ins and supervision meetings, and every one will have a personal development plan in place, ensuring that they remain up to date with the latest in security and are progressing in their security career. And, because we know how important quality is, we pay all our staff at, or above, the living wage.

Whatever your security needs, we know we can offer the best security services available in Cambridge, so give us a call today, or email us, to find out how we can help.

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