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Security officers will assist you in implementing the government rules

With Covid-19 lockdown restriction easing and vaccination rates increasing by the day we can start looking forward to a return to normality. But, however much we may yearn for things to be just how they were in 2019, it’s likely that some restrictions will be in place for some time. Whether that’s because of new Covid-19 variants and new government rules, or because businesses want to take measures to keep customers, visitors, and staff safe, there is a role for security services that help implement and maintain the relevant rules.

How can security services help with Covid-19? 

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on people to follow the rules! Even when you exclude those people who argue Covid-19 isn’t serious, people who consider themselves compliant will find themselves misjudging distances, forgetting about masks, or absent-mindedly going the wrong way while browsing. 

Using security services from Blue Line Operations security services in Cambridge can help you with the people management needs for your business or premises. This might can include offering entry checks. Many buildings and premises operate at a limited capacity, so security services can assist by enforcing one-in, one-out policies to ensure the capacity is not exceeded.

Security services in Cambridge can also offer checks. This might be taking a temperature, using an infra-red temperature gun, before allowing people in. Or making sure that people sanitise before they enter, which can be especially important if they will be handing items in your premises.

They can also help to enforce distance and flow restrictions. Most people forget about these, lapsing back to times when shops allowed meandering, or being bad judges of distance. Having someone who is visibly watching will often help people remember the new rules, and for those that still forget, a polite reminder is usually all that it takes.

The benefit of professional security services

Using Blue Line Operations security services also means that you have a security expert on hand. They will be able to offer reports and feedback on how restrictions are being received. And they will be able to offer their knowledge and expertise to make suggestions for improvements on how you can make your premises safer while improving the experience of your staff and customers.

Blueline Operations security officers are all fully registered with the Security Industry Authority, so you can be sure they are professional and fully qualified. They can work with you, integrating to act as part of your business, to ensure their presence is discreet and their functions performed efficiently.

Rather than being a barrier for your visitors and customers, they can become part of a courteous welcome to your business. 

And everyone, regardless of their role, can be reassured that not only are they welcomed, but you are ensuring they are as safe as they possibly can be during these challenging times.

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