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Security services for your business safety

No-one starts a business because they want to spend time worrying about how safe and secure their business is. But if you don’t think carefully about security services for your business’s safety then you might find yourself worrying about the consequences.

The importance of business security will be clear to any business owner. 

You need to look after people, whether they are employees, customers or just yourself. And you need to ensure your property is safe, whether that’s your premises, equipment or stock that you have hold.

Perhaps the most important thing when considering security services is the potential cost of not taking it seriously enough. These are not just the risks to your balance sheet, but also your reputation. Insurance might cover lost stock or damage to buildings, but you won’t be covered for customers that you lose. 

There are many factors you will need to consider when thinking about the right security services for your business. Every business is unique, so some factors will be more relevant than others. However, some key areas to consider are how you control access to your business, what sort of physical security you have in place, how you monitor your security and how you use security staff.

Controlling access might be as simple as deciding who you let through your front door. 

But for most businesses things are much more complex, you might have a building that is partly open to the public, or you might have several entrances and exits. Then, once inside, there may be areas to which different people have different levels of access. Everyone might need to get into a staff room, but only IT staff into a server room.

Physical security plays a key role in your overall security picture. This might be just ensuring you have high-quality locks in place or could be a technical solution with pass cards and entry logs.

Passive security measures, like locks, only go so far and will need monitoring. 

Again, the level of monitoring might depend on your business. A small office might just need to check doors and windows are locked. An open building might need constantly monitored CCTV to watch what is happening in key areas.

Finally, whatever security services you choose these will have staff consequences. This might be something you can do in-house, simply because you know everyone, and the security needs are not complex. 

But if you are dealing with many members of staff and the public you may need consider dedicated security staff. This will bring with it the headache of making sure they are properly registered with the Security Industry Authority and have the correct training for the role they fulfil.

Dedicated staff providing your security services are often the best solution to your security needs. Having on-site security means they are immediately responsive and can deal with matters as and when they arise, unlike a camera that might just record what happened. 

Using staffed security services also means they can use their discretion and solve problems on the spot. And, most importantly, they are flexible. 

You could have had the most sophisticated security solution in the world at the beginning of 2020, but it would not have been able to help you make your business Covid-secure.

Using qualified, staffed, security services for your business safety is the most efficient, responsive and flexible way to protect your business and keep it secure, whatever the challenge.

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