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Security services in Covid 19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, security officers are seeing their roles change as they have been enlisted to assist the community and the government in combating the COVID-19 in what may once have been seen as non-traditional security roles. 

Our security officers may not be recognised as often as front-line heroes like the medical personnel working in the NHS, but Blue Line Operations Ltd security officers are key workers they working behind the scenes to support critical UK infrastructure.

We're Covid 19 rules implementing assistants, we support your staff, remind in friendly manner to follow the Government instructions and roles to prevent spreading of Covid19 diseases in work place.

Covid 19 and the lock-down have presented challenges for all of us. Everyone has been affected, some more than others, but some people are still fearful, reticent and struggling getting used to “the new normal” and its rules. 

Our security officers here to assist you and your staff, enable you to concentrate on your work flow.

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