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Static security at building sites

Building site security is complex. No two sites are the same, and each will present different security challenges that will need to be overcome to ensure successful construction. Whether it’s securing a perimeter or looking after expensive plant or materials, it’s essential to make sure your site is secure.

The challenges of site security 

Having an insecure construction site poses numerous risks. Whether it’s theft, damage, or safety, not having adequate security services can have a considerable price. 

One of the most obvious is from theft. Losing equipment or materials from a site can be incredibly costly. It can also have a big impact on the work. Just one missing piece of equipment can delay the whole site if it’s linked to a project dependency. The cost might not just be the equipment, but the cost of workers standing around unused, and even contract defaults.

Security can also have safety implications. If your site is insecure and trespassers can access it easily, there is the risk of vandalism. Nearly half of all building site fires are deliberately set by arsonists. This risks damaging buildings and equipment, leaving the site unsafe for workers; trespassers, sadly, tend not to have a high regard for health and safety. There is also the risk of injury or worse to trespassers themselves. Either way, there is a liability risk for the site operation if they have not implemented appropriate security measures.

How Blue Line Operations can help 

Using Blue Line Operations security service can help you meet your security requirements. Fully trained and with Security Industry Authority registered staff, Blue Line can provide a risk analysis of your site, using their knowledge and experience to highlight potential issues and suggest solutions. 

Physical security is obviously important. Making sure that unauthorised entry is as difficult as possible is important, but it’s also important to make sure that that right people can get access, but having controlled entry and exit points, so you always know who is on-site.

They can also help manage equipment, for example providing a key-holding service, making sure that equipment and vehicles are secure when not in use, and it’s clear who is responsible when they are being used.

Static security from Blue Line Operations is the best solution for site security. Security services can help with some of the administration of your site, logging contractors in and out, managing access for deliveries, logging keys, and managing changes of shifts to make sure that only authorised workers with the full protective equipment are getting on-site.

Security operatives can also offer specialist services to further enhance your site’s security. Whether it’s having a regular patrol or the site and its perimeter, or actively monitoring other security devices like CCTV, you can be sure that there are watchful eyes on your site, making sure that it, and everyone associated with it, are safe.

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