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Static security, keeping your premises safe and your bills down

Did you know that using static security does not just keep your premises and facilities safe, but it can save on your bills too? There are lots of options for keeping your premises secure but using security services are one of the most energy efficient. Whether it’s making sure you never have that moment when you arrive in the morning to realise that everything was left switched-on overnight, or just making sure that lights are only on when they need to be, static security can play a key role in your energy management.

Increasing energy costs are a fact of life. 

According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, businesses have seen their energy costs increase by up to 75% over the past 15 years. And every second you light a building or power equipment that does not need it, you are spending money for no purpose. And let’s not forget the environmental impact of using energy, we can all play a part in keeping the environment clean.

Using static security might not be an immediately obvious way to save on your energy bills, but their job need not just be limited to keeping your premises safe. Checking the power usage can be part of their routine rounds.

Lighting might be the most obvious way they can help keep costs down. 

Lighting is often used as a deterrent — the British habit of leaving lights on to make it look like someone is home is hard to break! However, even with smart lights that are motion- or noise-sensitive you are still left with the problem that the lights are not serving any purpose, except perhaps lighting the way for an intruder. Using static security means that the lights only go on when they need to see something. And they can go off afterwards too.

But lighting might not be the biggest energy cost you face, especially in working buildings filled with appliances and devices. 

While modern equipment tends to be as energy efficient as possible and will usually have a low-power standby mode, it still has a cost. One computer that is never turned off will typically be unused for at least 120 hours a week. Then multiply that for all the computers, and even those low-power devices start having an impact.

And that’s before you factor in all those other devices that might be plugged in. Whether it’s all the other office equipment, fans left on during heatwaves or heaters people forget to turn off when they leave, the costs of all that power you are using for no reason soon adds up.

Using static security services can address all that. Not only making sure they use power when they need it, they can make sure everything is switched-off on their evening round, and then switched back on in the morning for when you need it: so, everything’s ready to go when everyone arrives. They can keep your premises safe, and your bills down, both at the same time.

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