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The benefits of manned guarding and why you should use expert providers

Every business will have some security in place, even if it’s just locking doors at the end of the day. But if you have a site you need to protect, whether it’s from the risk of damage by vandals or intruders, or to prevent the theft of high-value goods or stock you are storing, you need something more than a sturdy lock. And if you are serious about security, then manned guarding is the best option for you.

What is manned guarding, and what benefits does it provide?

As the name suggests, manned guarding is using people as a key part of your security measures. Sometimes known as static guarding, it means that there are 24/7 manned security services on site. These may operate with other security measures, such as physical security (like barriers or locks), and security systems like CCTV and sensors, but it is the human aspect that provides the key benefits.

The police and security professionals often talk about the ‘crime triangle’. 

This represents the three elements needed for a crime: an offender, a victim, and a location or opportunity. Crime prevention works by removing one of these elements, and the crime triangle can be used to show why manned guarding is so effective.

Having a manned guarding security service in place helps deter an offender. A criminal might believe they can overcome other security measures, for example by scaling a fence or moving outside of camera views. Or they might not even be aware of other measures, such as sensors. However, the presence of on-site security staff creates an unknown. They might not risk jumping over a fence just to land at the feet of a random patrol or if they know that humans can still see them even if cameras can’t.

And using 24/7 manned security services removes the opportunity for crime. It is an obvious point, but crimes take place because the criminal does not expect to be caught. Intruders break in overnight because they know premises will be empty. And stock leaves the back door during working hours because staff and visitors know that things are not checked. Simply introducing manned guarding means that potential criminals know the opportunity has been removed.

Why you should use the experts

Security is becoming an increasingly serious business. 

In a tough economy, crime increases. And, typically, when crime is driven by desperation, it’s businesses that suffer because the new criminals believe their crime is victimless, since businesses can afford some losses or will be insured.

Of course, businesses know this is far from the truth. Even with insurance, there is a price paid in lost business and increased costs. And when times are challenging, becoming a victim of crime is something that no business can afford.

At Blue Line Operations, our team can boast decades of collective experience in security. Our team includes former police officers and military personnel who have dedicated their life to keeping people, premises, and even their country, safe. And now we can offer that expertise and experience to local businesses.

Whether you are looking for staff to control access to your premises, patrol a vacant site overnight, or offer a full-range of 24/7 manned security services, we can help you avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Whatever your security needs, just call or email us for a no-obligation discussion on how Blue Line Operations team can help you to protect your people, premises, and business in difficult times.

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