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The risk to empty buildings

If you have empty buildings, you will know they are a risk, regardless of their precise situation, the very best you can hope for is that they will be just a cause of anxiety, but at the worst they can create major problems for you and your business.

Specially this days as we have suggestions to work from home if possible.  

Why empty buildings are a problem 

For most business premises, there is a degree of protection that come from them being used. Even if they are empty overnight or at weekends, active usage acts as its own security measure. People are present, deterring people from investigating too closely during opening hours, and should anything happen while the building is closed, it will be discovered quickly when next in use, and steps taken to address the issue. 

Empty buildings do not have the natural site protection that comes from occupation. But there are some ways to overcome this.

How to protect an empty building 

We offer security services in Cambridge and the surrounding areas and can advise on the steps you can take to improve your building protection. While we think manned guarding is the gold standard, there are other steps you can take. 

One of the first things to consider is the physical security. 

This involves making it as hard as possible for people to get in, for example, adding extra security to the doors and windows, or investing in secure fencing. 

And, while not a substitute for static security services, things like CCTV can help provide a deterrent effect and, in many cases, help provide evidence should anything happen to your building. 

Finally, it might be worth considering having local security services in Cambridge include your site on a patrol. This adds to the deterrent effect and ensures that the building is regularly checked.

Why static security services are the best option 

Having manned guarding on site is, quite simply, the best way to ensure the security of your building. Although other measures can enhance your site protection, they all have weaknesses. Physical security can be unsightly and expensive, and it might not even be cost-effective if the building is only temporarily empty. It might also be impractical, if the building it being used for storage, say and access is occasionally needed, then making entry difficult is the last thing you want. 

Other security measures also have their weaknesses. CCTV can be expensive, and it’s hard to ensure comprehensive coverage. Indeed, many people with bad intent are very aware of CCTV, and how they can avoid it and ensure they are not identifiable. And while patrols will bring some of the benefits of static security services, their occasional nature means there’s still a lot of time your building is at risk. 

How manned guarding is the best option 

Using static security services in Cambridge is simply the best way to ensure the security of your building. Essentially, it means that you always have someone on site. This brings the advantages of having a building occupied, but by using our trained manned guarding, it ensures it’s an expert. They can respond to issues as and when they arise, not hours later in the way a patrol might. And they can respond intelligently to issues, unlike a CCTV that simply records what’s in front of it. 

And, perhaps best of all, it’s like having your very own on-site security consultant. Our experienced staff will not just patrol but will be able to make recommendations to keep your building as safe as possible. Give us a call or email us to find out why so many people already trust and use our security services to keep their buildings and staff safe.

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