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Things to consider when using security services in Cambridge  

If you are looking for security services in Cambridge,  then we are your local specialists. We’ve been providing building and site protection for years, but if you are thinking about security for the first time. What are the issues you need to consider?

What are your building’s needs?

The first thing to consider are what you need from your security. Every building will require a different approach to security, and this will depend on things like the times required, location, and the building itself.

A building that will be totally unoccupied for a period might need 24-hour manned guarding, for example. Meanwhile, buildings that are in use during the day might only need overnight static security services.

The nature of the building will also have an impact. We have provided static security services for all sorts of buildings, from offices to warehouses and factories. A range of factors will affect the level of manned guarding required, such as the size of the building and the physical security it offers.

What are your needs?

It might seem an odd question, but we have found that clients may want entirely different things, even when their buildings are very similar. Some of this will be a result of the building’s use. You might have a very different attitude to the security of an empty warehouse, where only building protection is required, and the security of a warehouse full of valuable stock.

However, we also know that many clients trust us to help protect and project their brand. If you are using security services in Cambridge, it might not just be to keep a property safe, you might also want to reassure staff or visitor that they are safe too. And even if you don’t expect staff and visitors, you might have a preference for your manned guarding to be discreet, but ready to respond, or the opposite, highly visible and offering a strong deterrent.

Trusting static security services

Finally, you need to know that you can trust the people who are responsible for your site protection. The security industry does not, sadly, always have a good reputation, but we strive to be different to our competitors.

All our guards are fully accredited by the Security Industry Authority, so you know that each will have passed both the necessary checks and training their job requires. And we also invest in their development.

Unlike many firms that only pay minimum wage, we never pay less than the local living wage to any of our staff. We offer them all regular one-to-one meetings with their supervisor, and ensure they have access to the training and development they want to further their career. That way, we can guarantee staff that are skilled and as dedicated as we are to our clients.

When looking at security services in Haverhill, it’s important to make the right choice. We have years of experience and can help you assess your needs and get exactly the right security for your situation. We build a strong, lasting and trusting relationship with all our clients, so why not give us a call or email, so we can discuss how we can help you keep your property secure.

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