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Using cameras for security

The UK is one of the world’s most surveilled nations, and not just by security services and manned guarding. Even in the early days of CCTV, councils and other organisations were enthusiastic adopters. It was estimated five years ago that there was one CCTV camera for every ten people in the UK, making it almost impossible to take even the shortest walk without being caught on camera.

But why have they become so popular?

1. They capture evidence

With so many cameras it’s impossible for people to monitor them all the time, and the vast majority were installed not to look out for problems, but to be used for enforcement afterwards. One common use, which was part of the early explosion in CCTV, was for traffic enforcement. Councils would deploy cameras to capture traffic infringements, so they could issue charges afterwards.

However, these cameras also capture crime, and now they are frequently checked by the police to gather vital evidence and clues. And to get an idea of how important they are, just consider the number of times police appeal for doorbell-cam footage to help them piece together events.

2. They help deter crime

Cameras also have an effect in reducing crime. Most people pay no attention to cameras, realising that they are not doing anything wrong. But those who might be considering crime will be put off by the fact that their actions might be seen and almost certainly will be recorded by cameras.

One of the biggest deterrents to crime is the risk of being seen and confronted. That’s why using manned guarding is so effective. However, cameras provide a similar effect, when there are active cameras there is no way of knowing whether they are being monitored or not. So, even if steps are taken to conceal identity, the risk of being seen, and static security officers or even the police attending remains.

3. Cameras, and the security services behind them, can be anywhere!

Improvements in technology mean that cameras can be installed in almost any location. Once something that needed a constant power supply and a wired connection, modern cameras can work off batteries and use the mobile network to transmit high-quality pictures. What’s more because the size has reduced, they can be located in the smallest spaces. From doorbells to bodycams.

We now issue our manned guarding teams with bodycams because they are so effective in deterring problems and gathering evidence when needed. They not only keep our staff safe, but they also help members of the public feel safer because they know that, along with fully trained and qualified security staff, there are bodycams.

Cameras can help with everything from events to site protection

CCTV is here to stay. When cameras can be bought cheaply and installed in seconds, more and more people are turning to them to keep themselves safe. While home-installed versions can be effective, if you are looking to keep your empty property safe, or are considering how to manage a large event, it’s always best to consult the experts.

We are a leading provider of security services in Cambridge. As well as providing manned guarding, we can also advise on how you use cameras. And, of course, use our own, professionally managed, bodycams on our staff to help keep everyone safe and secure. 

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