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Why manned guarding is the gold-standard for security

If you have ever needed security, you’ll know the headaches it can cause. The sad truth is that no-one is safe from the perils of crime. Although there are many ways to safeguard your property, at Blue Line, we know that the gold standard is using a security guard service to provided manned guarding.

The alternatives to a security guard service

There are, of course, many alternatives to using guards. The difficulty is that these usually have shortcomings. The easiest might be beefing up your physical security, but that isn’t fool proof, a higher fence or gate might still be scaled, and is worthless if someone forgets to lock up. And it can have other effects, leaving your building looking unsightly and off-putting to customers.

Surveillance systems can offer some deterrent. However, it can be difficult to ensure full coverage, especially where things like stock moving can create blind spots. And unless they are constantly monitored, they can only provide evidence after the event, and that can be rendered useless with a simple mask.

Likewise, alarm systems may well detect an intruder, but without a rapid response, they merely draw your attention to a crime sooner. Most criminals are aware of the risk of response, and therefore plan quick getaways, so they have already left before anyone arrives.

If you are serious about security, you need something that can address these shortcomings.

Why manned guarding is the best option

While other forms of security system have their benefits, using on-site guards provides all the same benefits without having the same shortcomings.

The big advantage of using guards for your corporate security is that they are responsive and flexible and can address issues that physical security measures simply cannot.

By patrolling a site, for example, they do not just offer a deterrent but can investigate areas that are hidden from physical security cameras. And because our staff can be responsive, they can address any issues they see, from simply locking a forgotten window or investigating anything suspicious.

It also means that, should the worst happen, the police response is likely to be more robust. When false alarms are a regular occurrence, a call from a trusted security company tends to be prioritised.

We can undertake any role

Our team of security guards are fully trained and accredited. We recruit heavily from former uniformed services, so many of our guards come to us with previous expertise in security provision. Every one will have the relevant Security Industry Association lisence, and we make a point of ensuring that every member of the Blue Line team receives regular training and development, as well as at the local living wage. We make sure that Blue Line staff have pride in their roles, so you can be proud of the way they will represent your business.

And, again, they offer that flexibility that a physical security system simply cannot. Our staff do not just watch over vacant sites or void properties. You can find them, smartly dressed, representing our clients in gate houses, or providing reception security throughout the local area.

Whether it’s controlling access to buildings, or working on loss presentation from shops, stores and warehouses, our team can work in a variety of roles to help you protect your customers, staff, and business.

Let Blue Line help

We have helped hundreds of local businesses secure sites and properties, as well as making staff and customers feel safe. 

If you already know that you need a manned security guard service, or just want to find out more about how we can meet your security needs, then call or email us, and we can discuss how our services can give you peace of mind.

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