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Why manned guarding remains the best way to protect your property

The security industry constantly changes and innovates. When, only a few years ago, most people were reliant on a good lock for their security, today all sorts of security measures are affordable and easy to install. But manned guarding remains the best option for those that serious about keeping their property and assets safe.

Despite all the advances in security technology, the fact is still that as impressive as, say, a facial recognition camera might be, it will never be a match for a traditional security guard. But why will manned guarding always be the best option?

1. Manned guarding offers the strongest deterrent effect

People often think that security is about catching attempts at crime. And it’s not an unreasonable assumption, an alarm, for example, is set up to detect motion, so surely that is its purpose? However, in reality, the main task of security is to prevent any attempt at crime in the first place.

All security has a deterrent effect. But the strength of that effect varies. A good lock and strong door may put off most crime. Advertising the presence of an alarm or CCTV will put off still more. Yet criminals will still try to circumvent those, and it’s not always hard, they can simply plan a getaway before anyone responds to an alarm or don a mask to foil CCTV.

Manned guarding, however, offers the strongest deterrent effect. It means that there is someone there who can see and hear any attempt at intrusion. And because they are mobile, there’s no easy way to avoid them.

2. Manned guarding guarantees an immediate response

Other security measures, unfortunately, have inbuilt delays. An alarm alone is useless, it needs someone to act on it. If it has failed as a deterrent, then the best it is likely to do is cut short an intruder’s attempts by panicking them into leaving. CCTV is even worse, and really only collects evidence in the hope it can be used to find a culprit.

Manned guarding, on the other hand, means that any response will be immediate. Any alarm, or even sign of an issue, can be investigated at once. Someone committing a crime might have minutes to escape when an alarm sounds, but only seconds to evade on-site security services.

And it also means a quicker response from the police. Although many security systems will link to emergency services, the number of false alarms means responses are not always prioritised. But when the call comes from a security guard on-site, the police know a crime is in progress.

3. Manned guarding is totally customisable

Once installed, security systems are hard to adapt. Changes in your business, from size to how you operate, can quickly leave you with a security system that doesn’t meet your needs, or a costly bill for upgrades.

When it comes to manned guarding, however, it’s simply a case of changing their duties. Whether it’s adding extra guards, re-routing patrols, or adapting their tasks to match business changes, manned guarding will work around you.

And they can adapt to changing situations. If they discover something during a shift, like an insecure area, for example, they can adjust their work to make sure no-one takes advantage of that. Despite advances in software and AI, fixed security systems will never be a match for a human security guard.

If you think your business could benefit from manned guarding, then get in touch. We offer the full range of manned and static security, from response patrols to on-site, round-the-clock guarding. Call or email Blue Line Operations team today to find out how we can help you.

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